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The Escape

The following is a prototype made in the month of July to be showed at Let's Play Gaming Expo 2019. Its a top-down, twin-stick action exploration game inspired by the Fallout franchise and the original Legend of Zelda 

Game Info

  • Designed for gamepad input

  • Single player exploration game with light crafting  aspects       

  • Uses sprite-stacking to produce psuedo-3D assets

  • Features Procedural Animation

  • uses a script based terminal system 

Development Info


Role: Lead Designer and Developer

Team Size:

Genre: Action-Exploration

Engine: GameMaker Studio 2

Development Time: 2 months

Procedural Animation

 With the release of Spritepile, A sprite-stacking tool on steam, I could finally develop an efficient workflow for creating assets that could be used within a procedural animation rig. This combination of Sprite-stacking and Procedural Animation allows me to rapidly create 2D assets that can be dynamically taken in and out of a rig. 

The Procedural Animation was quite difficult to create on a functional level, but the harder task was employing a whole host of easing to create an rig that was easy to visually parce.


I was extremely surprised with the effective nature of these rigs, not only in their appearance but also in system requirements. 


I enjoyed the look of the rigs so much I employed this for the player character.


Player Upgrades

Unlike my other projects I wanted to finally create a game in which the player acquires upgrades throughout the play experience. Like a "metroidvania" title, I wanted these upgrades to have substantial repercussions for how players interact and explore the world. The first version of this was Jumping. 


This concept also applies to the player's use of weapons

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