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Storm Hughes 

 Game Designer - @boxheadpixelart              


9 Game Jams

+10 Tech-Demos/Prototypes 

Knowledge in User Experience and User Research 

Specialized in fast iteration and rapid prototyping 



The Devhouse Agency, Dallas,Tx 



DEVHOUSE is an interactive agency crafting inspiring augmented reality, virtual reality and gaming experiences.


Studio Director

December 2019 - Present,  Dallas 

I help a team of 8 developers to create XR experiences and games. Guiding day to day operations, ensuring all developers maintain optimal productivity and deliver polished experiences to their clients.  Being a developer enables me to perform deep dives into their work and understand and remove blockers. 


Interactive Developer 

December 2019 - Present,  Dallas 


I create XR experiences and games using Unity. From initial design to delivery. I prototype, test and produce games and apps with a focus on creating tactile user experiences. 

ReallyGoodBattle,  Dallas,Tx 
Lead Game Designer, Boxhead Games
Start Date: Feb 2017- Release Date Feb 2018


Steam Page

Responsibilities during Development
  • Programing and Designing Gameplay 

  • Organising work with a Freelance Programmer

  • Organising work with Freelance Musician/Sound Designer

  • Organising Playtest sessions and collecting feedback, then using feedback to improve the game

  • Level Design

  • Animation and Artwork

Society of Play,  Dallas,Tx 
Organizer and on the Board of Directors
Start Date: Jan 2019- Present
  • Moderation of Community  Discord server 

  • Organizing and hosting Game Jams and Events 

  • Curating talks for the community 


NoD Coworking, Dallas,Tx 
Community Manager/ Operations Manager

Feb 2017- Jan 2018: Community Manager
Jan 2018 - Present: Operations Manager



  • Managing and Maintaining the Office Space. 

  • Overseeing the Schedule of the Conference room and Events.

  • Giving  Tours and Greeting  Visitors for NoD members

  • Communicating  with Building Management to improve the office space and solve any and all problems that can occur.

  • Set up and Host Weekly Events and Meetups in the Office space. 

  • Started and Hosting the Weekly Indie Play-test

  • Order and Restock Office and Kitchen Supplies.

  • Communicate  with and Organize  NoD Staff/Volunteers to ensure an optimal experience. 

  • Coordinating with staff to maintain the office space

  • Writing working procedures to better automate business operations


Bandwear, Addison,Tx — Inventory Manager

December 2015- Feb 2017
  • Processing and Shipping packages

  • Picking and Packing Orders 

  • Training then Managing Temporary Workers

  • Receiving and Stocking Merchandise 

  • Organizing Inventory Locations 

  • Cleaning and Restocking both the Warehouse and the Break-room

  • Restocked Inventory locations



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