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Storm Hughes

Game Designer and  Developer

    Hi! I'm a multi-disciplined game dev generalist who focuses on fast-paced iterative design and experimental prototyping. In the past year i've been focusing on systemic design and their effect on the gameplay while being mindful of workflow and design pipelines. I have a passion for games and excel at hands-on learning from experience.

      I shipped ReallyGoodBattle in 2018 and used that project to learn how to do everything in regards to game development, from programming, scripting, animation, VFX and "game feel", level design to production and team management. I learn quickly and as often as I can to improve my games and the player's experience. 

    Im very active in the Dallas game development community, being an organizer for Society of Play, a 501c3 non-profit game dev collective, Assisting in the moderation of the community and hosting events.

    My Twitter is where I dump a lot of my experiments and my Page hosts a few of my game jam games. 

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