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Bog Hollow: (Game Jam)

Game Info

  • Single Player

  • Sandbox Exploration with light survival elements 

  • Experimental Crafting System

Development Info


Role: Designer, Artist, Level Design

Team Size: 4

Genre: First Person\Exploration\Survival\Crafting

Engine: Unity

Development Time: Hiatus 

Game Synopsis

BogHollow is a first-person exploration/crafting game designed around an item combination system. It's an unreleased game jam game made in collaboration with Tyler Tomaseski and Eric Grossman from Polyknight Games and Dana D. from Pixel Noise.

EArly Phases

After extensive but passive design conversations with Tyler Tomaseski we formed a basic concept for a post-modern crafting survival game that was intended to be inspired by Dadaism. With the Society of Play "Cart Jam" upon us, we decided it would be the right time to spend 2 weeks and see where the idea could take us. With the limitations of the Jam being "Make a game inspired by box art made by community members" we chose the following the art piece and focused more on the combination of 2 items without a specific crafting interface. 



While fairly basic, designing a crafting systems around the combination of items found in the world is rather intuitive and incentivises player exploration within the crafting system and by extension, the world. 



Being unfamiliar to unity, I was assigned on platforming and assisting in world design. In order to better direct the player we went with a system in which players could only  ascend vertically by climbing green vines placed around the map.

Tree jump.gif

Prop and World Design

Among other things I learned how to model world geometry using ProBuilder to make set pieces for the player to explore. The learning curve was smaller than expected. Most importantly I learned that creating assets directly listed inside the design document accompanied with references makes for efficient workflow.  

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